ULA (Ultimate Learning Academy) was established in 1997, when the founder of ULA, who was then involved in the training industry, recognised a gap in offering on the job training.

Not all the companies were able to afford sending their employees for training leaving a void in their respectable positions. A training trial run was offered, where the employees would be trained on the job, at their companies for a few hours a day, so their daily tasks was not interfered with.

From then on ULA has become a training company that offers training material, qualified trainers and support services to Further Education, Training Institutes, Colleges, the Corporate Sector as well as individuals to assist with Skills-upliftment, Learnerships and Development.

For the last 17 years ULA has provided IT Solutions and Material Development for all spectrums in the training and education field.

ULA does not teach people, we transfer the knowledge and the know-how on how to apply the knowledge obtained. The most important aspect of tuition/ training is the process in obtaining knowledge and not learning.

When using ULA for your training, we can be assured that you will be getting the best qualified trainers/facilitators to provide the required solution. Upon completion of training, the students/delegates will have the confidence and know-how to apply what knowledge they have obtained, in their work as well as their life.

ULA also ensures that when course material is supplied, the student/delegate as well as the trainer/facilitator is well equipped to provide the best possible comprehensive tuition/training.

We pride ourselves in service, before and after the fact.